Hall of Fame

District 14 Basketball Coaches Hall of Fame

   On Feb. 19th, 2006, the coaches of District 14 unanimously voted to induct the 1st Class into the District 14 Basketball Coaches Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame was established to recognize coaches who have made significant contributions to the sport of basketball in southern Ohio. These coaches have met and exceeded the requirements established by the members of the District 14 coaches. 

The Hall of Fame committee has established two categories for induction into the Hall. Each person must meet the minimum requirements before being considered as a candidate for the Hall of Fame.


Regular Induction:

  •  Varsity Head Coach for twenty (20) years. (with at least 5 years in District 14)
  • 225 Varsity Wins
  • Member of the OHSBCA for the last ten (10) years.
  • Coached in the District 14 All-Star game.
  • Achieved tournament success
  • Retired from active coaching for 1 full season before being nominated for the Hall of Fame.  


Honorary Induction:

  •  Person who has contributed to the development of the sport of basketball in a coaching or non-coaching capacity. These candidates may include school personnel, school administration, district officials, media personnel, former coaches, etc.

Arch Justus

Arthur Myers

Carroll Hawhee

Dave Young

Dennis Overstake

Don Bowles

Don Cantrell

Doug Stiverson

Ernie Blankenship

Eugene Collins

Gary McClellan

Gary Shaffer

George Heller

Henderson Thompson

Jim Snuffy Smith

Joe B. Stewart

John Strickland

Larry Jordan

Richard Kiser

Rick Hopkins

Rick Van Matre

Ron Lovely

Tom Barrick

Tom Cuppett

Tom Newman